Our Services

Your first visit with us is the most important one! Your first-time consultation is where we can work with you and your hair’s current condition. This helps the specialists determine what services, treatments, and products will work best for your options. This also gives you the time you will need to achieve your look and aim for the best results possible. We have your long-term goals in mind, so we consider your look as well as keeping your hair at its healthiest!

What we do best:


With curly hair, sometimes we like to just switch up the texture! With twists, you can get a new look as well as a different texture style after you take them out


Who Dyd Your Hair was built on a cornrow foundation! It gained its popularity from the different cornrow designs people have seen through the city


Sew-in and braiding extension techniques is a love of ours. This styling option can give you the illusion of having longer hair or set a trend of your preference. Hair is not included in this service


We love showing personality through colours with an everlasting change. One of our Joico-certified stylists can help you find the desired shade and have your hair feeling just as great!


From straight to coily hair, we can style whichever you may desire. We use Design Essentials as our array of an effective professional product line to give each texture something specific leaving it soft, strong, and shiny. We have one of the few Canadian educators in the salon, our you can check out www.designessentials.com


The main foundation of our salon is haircuts! Your hair can be straight, wavy, curly, or coily. There is nothing to shy away from a perfect style for you. Our leading product line also protects the hair from everyday hairstyling techniques which may potentially damage the hair over time

Curly Cuts

Looking for a shape that matches your face as well as your curl pattern? Curly cuts are our jam! Whether you are looking to add more volume or length, talking to the stylists beforehand will help you get the desired result you have been looking for


This chemical service has us dealing with different treatments based on the texture and strength of the hair to eliminate any worry! Whether you want to have your curls elongated, to a consistent straight look, we can find something that works for your hair type


If we leave our hair alone, it naturally wants to do exactly this…Loc! Our loc services make sure they look and feel clean and maintain a healthy foundation, so you can have the same options as anyone else when it comes to styling and colour. Knotty Boy is a local all-natural brand that we sell in-house www.knottyboy.com


Don’t just take our word for it, we’ll show you.

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